Carnival fans, you did it!  A phenomenal level of support from our enthusiastic fans resulted in Carnival taking top honors in MONOPOLY Empire’s “Battle of the Brands” social media event launched earlier this week.

The competition asked fans from 22 of the world’s most recognizable brands to “like” a special post on their respective company’s Facebook page with the first company to reach 5,000 “likes” named the winner.  Carnival not only was the first company to reach 5,000 “likes” but reached this goal is just over two hours!

The “Battle of the Brands” social media event was a fun way to promote the new MONOPOLY Empire board game, a fun adaptation of the classic property trading game where players collect, buy and trade Carnival Cruise Lines and nearly two dozen other companies in a quest to “own it all.”  Players showcase the brands they own with billboards on a tower and the first person to fill their tower wins the game. But beware of hostile takeovers, stock market crashes and other events that can change the outcome!

As a way of saying “thank you” to Carnival fans, the manufacturers of MONOPOLY are providing an on-line coupon valid for $5 off the new MONOPOLY Empire game.  The coupon is available here.

Way to go, Carnival fans!