Carnival Cruise Lines has launched a new video series highlighting kids’ unique interpretations of the various features found aboard the “Fun Ships” using engaging stop-motion animation that brings these colorful stories to life.

In the first video in the Sea & Say series, “A Sea Dragon Tail,” Nathaniel describes his first experience down the massive WaterWorks water slide, creating an imaginative tale of riding a massive serpent  and then “climbing a mountain” -- the ship’s suspended ropes course – and sparring with a grimacing troll along the way.

In the second video, “A Magical Rainbow Sea,” Mateo envisions a flying “Fun Ship” that sails across the sky – at “hyper speed,” of course – amongst bright, fluffy clouds resembling cotton candy.  The vignette also showcases Mateo’s interpretation of a vibrant undersea world with multi-hued sea creatures, including a rainbow-colored flying squid, a gigantic octopus and a playful “megaladon.”

Created by Carnival’s ad agency, Boston-based Arnold Worldwide in partnership with Anzovin, the 45-second videos can be viewed on Carnival’s YouTube and Instagram accounts.