Arthur Joseph, Carnival Cruise Lines employee, competed on the NBC show Deal or No Deal last week. When faced with a life altering decision, choose between a chance at a million dollars or a significantly more selfless act that would help countless others, he chose the latter.

Coming into the show, Arthur’s goal was to buy his mother a house with the winnings. Instead, Arthur chose to give up the chance to win the $1,000,000, and by doing so, to help the lives of many. The deal Arthur accepted included various Miami Heat memorabilia and a small amount of money. But, most importantly, the prize included the refurbishment of a basketball facility — dedicated in his honor — in his native country of Trinidad. The basketball facility will not only benefit thousands of children, but also will provide the Trinidad Olympic team a state-of-the-art training facility for the 2008 Olympics.

Arthur lives by the philosophy that when confronted with tough decisions you must think of the greater good. When asked about his decision to take the deal being offered on the show, Arthur replied, “It’s not about the money, there are things that are bigger than yourself.”

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