With holiday preparations well underway across the world, Carnival Cruise Lines is proud to announce our third annual 12 Fun Days of Christmas Sale!


The sale, which begins today and ends on Friday, December 14, 2007, offers a variety of savings. Here’s how it works…


Each day of the sale, Carnival will be offering a different deal. The deals will be open through the end of day (midnight) everyday. At midnight, the deal will change to the new offer for the following day and so on. In order to take advantage of these spectacular offers, all bookings must be made on the day they are offered.


Today’s offer includes saving up to $100 per stateroom on 3-4 Day Weekend Sailings. For more information, to sign up for daily reminders or to send a fun holiday postcard to a friend visit www.funshipisland.com/12days


With 12 days of offers and lots of surprise deals, you might just get what you have been wishing for!