As the New Year approaches, Carnival Cruise Lines enters a new era.  With the esteemed Bob Dickinson retiring in 2007, Gerry Cahill, former CFO for Carnival Corp. recently stepped into the captain’s chair (a.k.a. role of CEO) of Carnival Cruise Lines.  In an interview with American Chronicle Cahill discusses how he first arrived at Carnival as well as some of the new and upcoming initiatives including hiring a new Executive Vice President of Marketing and Guest Experience, Ruben Rodriguez. 

When asked about hiring Ruben, Cahill had this to say: “I decided after I met with Ruben…about 1 ½ years ago that I was very impressed with him. He has a tremendous strategic mind and so I saw an opportunity there to bring in someone that had the tactical sense and an excellent understanding of how to marry your marketing and your guest experience together and how important it is that they go together well.”

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