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For those who want to get an insider’s look at the inner-workings of a Carnival “Fun Ship,” the line has created Behind the Fun, a guided tour that provides guests with a unique insight into the company’s shipboard operations.

Currently available on the Carnival Valor and Carnival Conquest, the program will be rolled out to all 12 of the line’s ships operating voyages of seven days or longer by the end of September.

The informative three-and-a-half-hour tour offers participants a behind-the-scenes look at a wide range of shipboard venues that are normally off limits to guests.  During the tour, key shipboard personnel, including the captain, chief engineer, chef de cuisine and other department heads, share their vast knowledge in their particular area of expertise.

Behind the Fun begins with a stop backstage in the main show lounge where participants can see exactly what goes into creating Carnival’s award-winning revues.  The tour then moves on to normally restricted areas such as the laundry room, crew galley and dining room, crew gym, and crew training center.

Next it’s on to the expansive main galley where talented culinary artists prepare upwards of 12,000 meals and snacks a day for Carnival’s guests.  The tour also includes a visit to the ship’s bridge and engine control room and informative Q&A sessions with the captain and chief engineer, respectively.

In addition to a comprehensive overview of Carnival’s shipboard operations, Behind the Fun participants receive a number of commemorative gifts, including a custom-made Behind the Fun baseball cap and lanyard, a Team Carnival Picture Perfect book with stunning photographs of Carnival ships and destinations taken by the line’s employees, and complimentary photos with the captain on the bridge.

Behind the Fun tours can be booked through the ships’ shore excursion desk.  The cost is $95 per person and capacity is limited to 16 guests per tour. Guests must be 13 or older to participate.

A version of the Behind the Fun tour is planned for Carnival ships that operate itineraries of less than seven days in length.