Judy Yee of Las Vegas, Nevada, the winner of the Carnival Magic’s Name the Water Bucket Contest, recently took some time to answer some questions about herself and why she decided to participate in the contest.

Q: On what ship and when was your first Carnival cruise?

A: My first Carnival Cruise was a Mexican Riviera cruise, June 12, 1994 on Carnival’s Jubilee.

Q: What’s your favorite part of a Carnival cruise?

A: I love everything about Carnival cruising! It is all so much fun. My whole family loves it also!

Q: How did you hear about the contest?

A: I heard about the contest when my sister asked me to check out a cruise to Italy on the Carnival Magic.  When checking out the cruise, I read about the contest and decided to enter.

Q: How did come up with the name?

A: I came up with the name Power Drencher without giving it much thought, actually.  I was just thinking about that big bucket dumping all that water on you and how drenched you would be. I entered on a whim and after I entered the name Power Drencher I tried to come up with a different, more clever name as I thought that my original entry might be a little silly.

Q: Are you excited about the name being on the bucket?

A: I am really excited to have the name Power Drencher on the bucket and look forward to seeing it also!

Q: Why did you decide to participate?

A: I decided to enter because I thought it was a good idea and was totally blown away when I was selected as a finalist.  I am so happy to have won this contest.

Q: Have you experienced Carnival’s WaterWorks? If so, what is your favorite aspect?

A: I myself have never gone on any of the WaterWorks slides, but all my nieces and nephews really enjoy racing down the slides.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

A: It was really fun participating in this contest.  I really wanted to win.  I made business cards that I passed out at work. The cards said, “I need your vote, please vote for me Judy - Power Drencher.” On the card I told everyone how to get on to the CarnivalMagic.com contest site and vote. I also asked them to pass the card on to all their friends.  Every time I saw someone I would ask them if they had voted for me and reminded them to do it if they hadn't. It really was a lot of fun! I am so glad to have won!  The funny thing is -- everyone who has found out that I won thought that I had won a cruise but I am very proud and honored to have my name associated with the Power Drencher.