Earlier this week NBC’s Today Show announced their new Carnival-sponsored segment “Have You Ever,” which features the show’s anchors embarking on brand new experiences.

The segment ties into Carnival’s recently unveiled “Hey America, Didja Ever” campaign that inspires people to try new things and add more fun to their lives.

On today’s segment, Today Show Host Natalie Morales kicked off the series by attending the New York City trapeze school.  Throwing caution to the wind, Morales climbed 30 feet up a ladder and leaped forward for her first acrobatic experience, fulfilling a lifelong dream.

“Have You Ever” segments will air every Friday through January 21 and will even have weathercaster Al Roker undertaking the unique and heart-racing task of changing a light bulb on the George Washington Bridge.

The line will also be helping consumers share, fulfill and celebrate first-time experiences throughout the year, driven by the “Didja Ever” campaign headquarters on Carnival’s Facebook page.