Statement Regarding Carnival Triumph - April 4, 2013, 7:30 PM ET

As reported Wednesday, due to unexpectedly strong winds that reached speeds exceeding 70 miles per hour during a severe storm in Mobile, Ala., Carnival Triumph, which was in wet dock at a Mobile shipyard, broke away from its moorings.  According to meteorological experts, the excessive winds were produced by a phenomenon known as a gravity wave, which is difficult to predict and typically does not produce winds of the level of severity experienced Wednesday.

At this time, we know that numerous mooring lines were used to properly secure the ship.  However, four of the bollards that the mooring lines were tied to and are embedded into the pier broke apart.   The ship remains docked at the Mobile Cruise Terminal and repairs are continuing.  At this time it has not yet been determined how long the ship will remain at the cruise terminal.