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Carnival Legend is continuing its 15-day trans-Atlantic adventure with an unforgettable call in Greenland, the line’s first-ever visit to that country.  While braving temperatures approaching     0 degrees, guests had an opportunity to explore the charming seaside town of Qaqortoq with its rugged rock formations and snow-covered mountainous landscape dotted with colorful structures, many of which date back hundreds of years.   Guests dined on local cuisine, hiked the rocky coastline and marveled at the country’s pristine natural beauty.

Prior to the arrival in Qaqortoq, several members of the Carnival Legend team disembarked the ship via a tender boat in a sparsely populated Eskimo village to mail more than 1,700 postcards from Carnival Legend guests.  In a unique twist on the traditional maritime reception, Senior Cruise Director John Heald presented a commemorative plaque to local officials who accepted on behalf of the village’s 110 inhabitants.

In addition to the memorable visit to Greenland, Carnival Legend guests have viewed majestic fjords, toured quaint towns in Iceland, Ireland and Scotland, and viewed the stunning Northern Lights from atop the upper decks of the 88,500-ton ship.

Carnival Legend will visit St. John, Newfoundland, before arriving in New York Oct. 7.  The ship will then operate a series of voyages from the Big Apple then reposition to Tampa for seven-day Caribbean departures this winter before heading Down Under for a seasonal Australia program from Sydney beginning in September 2014.