Early Wednesday morning as it was sailing from Amber Cove toward Grand Turk, Carnival Sunshine deviated its course to come to the aid of a cargo ship, Tropic Scout, in distress with seven people aboard. The ship had listed due to cargo shifting during bad weather which almost sunk the ship, caused an engine issue and the lost use of its lifeboats.

In order to assist and ensure the safety of the mariners onboard, Carnival Sunshine proceeded to escort the cargo ship to Grand Turk. At approximately 10 a.m. that morning, the cargo ship was able to reduce the list and resolve its engine issue and therefore could proceed on its own to Grand Turk. Carnival Sunshine then continued to Grand Turk arriving at noon and extended its stay until 6 p.m. for guests’ enjoyment.

“Any time we receive a distress call, it is our duty as seafarers to assist,” said Carnival Sunshine Captain Lorenzo Calogero. “We were glad that we were nearby so that we could help.” 

Carnival Sunshine is on a five-day cruise that left Port Canaveral on Sunday, Feb. 10 and returns on Friday, Feb. 15.