The guests and crew on Carnival Splendor, currently sailing a Transpacific Journeys cruise on its way to restart Carnival Cruise Line’s operations in Australia, can (sort of) consider themselves time travelers now that the ship has crossed the International Dateline, while sailing westward in the southern Pacific Ocean. By crossing this internationally recognized calendar boundary, the ship skipped a full day of the week – turning Wednesday into Friday for all on board (see video from the crossing here).

“This is a special voyage and crossing the International Dateline is a fun milestone to share along the way with our guests and crew as we make a truly momentous return trip to beautiful Sydney,” said Capt. Francesco La Fauci. “Sydney is my favorite city and embarking soon on my 40th year at Carnival Cruise Line, I am so happy to be sailing there with Carnival Splendor and her crew family so we can continue serving one of the most spectacular ports in the world.”

Following Carnival Splendor’s departure from Seattle on Sept. 6, after the ship’s successful deployment as part of Carnival’s biggest-ever Alaska season, guests on board have enjoyed an unforgettable opportunity exploring the natural beauty of this South Pacific cruise. Carnival Splendor made several stops across Hawaii, visiting Honolulu, Kona, Hilo and Maui. Carnival Splendor will soon visit the Fiji Islands, with stops in Suva and Port Denarau.

Arriving in Sydney on Sept. 30, Carnival Splendor will be the first Carnival ship returning to guest operations in Australian waters in nearly 1,000 days. The ship will homeport in Sydney now year-round, with her first cruise departing Oct. 1.

Carnival Splendor’s return also coincides with Carnival’s 10th year of operations in Australia. In November, Carnival Luminosa will complete the cruise line’s two-ship deployment to Australia with sailings from Brisbane.