Replacement Funnel Among Several Enhancements Ship Set to Undergo

It’s the Fun Ship emblem – the crown seen atop most of the Carnival Cruise Line fleet, and now Carnival Freedom will once again be outfitted with the iconic winged funnel design she was built to carry. The replacement funnel, which is being constructed now, is one of several improvements planned for the ship.

The 2,980-guest Carnival Freedom begins a 16-day dry dock refurbishment project today at the Navantia shipyard in Cadiz, Spain. The work to construct the new funnel is already well underway, marking the first time this shipyard has designed and manufactured a Carnival funnel.

In addition to the funnel’s replacement, several other refurbishments are also planned for the ship’s exterior, including the installation of new decking and the addition of the now-signature Carnival red, white and blue hull design that is a feature of most of the ships in the fleet. A Heroes Tribute Bar, which serves as a salute to veterans and active-duty service members, will be added along with other enhancements.

More details will be shared about the enhancements made to Carnival Freedom once the work at the shipyard is completed.

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